In July of 2016 the citizens’ initiative, Measure H, passed by a landslide in Dana Point. We now need responsible representatives on our Dana Point City Council.

SAVE DANA POINT is pleased to announce its support for DEBRA LEWIS and PAUL WYATT, candidates for the Dana Point City Council. Each has demonstrated their dedication, along with outstanding character and the professional experience needed to lead our City. They were leaders in the Town Center Initiative and the passage of Measure H, wanting to see the community able to vote on Dana Point’s future.

The Primary Election showed residents the disconnect that currently exists between our City leadership and the community it should represent. It showed us who the people and their special interests were that have controlled our City for too long. Outside developer money and even Bill Brough, our state assemblyman backed the City’s losing ballot measure. The Brough name appeared prominently on mailers attacking Measure H and its supporters. The Broughs supported Measure I against Measure H supporters in court.

New, competent and trustworthy leaders with “no strings attached” to city or developer funding for their jobs, projects or candidacy must be elected! Many critical issues will be decided in the near future and the community should be confident it will be kept informed and fairly represented.


Please take the time get to know Debra and Paul in the coming weeks. If you would like to host a meet-and-greet event in your neighborhood, volunteer or donate, please contact Save Dana Point via email at or click on the “Contact Us” page on this website.

Save Dana Point is confident you will find Debra Lewis and Paul Wyatt to be outstanding candidates, worthy of your vote in November!

Visit the candidates’ websites at and


Stay Informed

This is a critical vote for the future and good governance of Dana Point. As election day approaches, the developers’ big-money secret PACs will be unleashing mailers, robocalls and all sorts of misinformation that is expertly designed to confuse voters.

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