Congratulations To The Residents Of Dana Point

Paul Wyatt and Debra Lewis were elected to the Dana Point City Council by impressive margins. The following results were reported by the Orange County Registrar of Voters as of 5:11 PM on November 11, 2016:

2016 Dana Point Results

Debra Lewis 31.4% 7,878 votes
Paul Wyatt 30.5% 7,544 votes
Michelle Brough 22.4% 5,653 votes
Penny Maynard 11.3% 2,759 votes
Nadia Khalil 4.5% 1,093 votes

Dana Point voters should be commended for realizing the importance of this City Council election. They rejected the political process that allows huge contributions to city council candidates from special interest groups. Our informed residents supported Paul and Debra’s grass roots campaign to put RESIDENTS FIRST.

Congratulations to Paul Wyatt and Debra Lewis on their election. They truly deserved this honor. The other candidates should be thanked for their efforts on behalf of the City. But the result of this election is also a major victory for the residents of Dana Point !


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