Dana Point Town Center Plan



  • “The Town Center Plan calls for a greater mix of uses in the Town Center. Adding residential uses and increasing pedestrian-oriented retail and commercial offices will help to create a more dynamic, interesting and attractive place for both residents and visitors.”  (page 1)
  • “Keep the family oriented beach community character of Dana Point.” (page 10)
    GOAL “Improve the Town Center as one of the city’s primary shopping districts with a small town village atmosphere.” (page 15)
  • “Achieve development in the Town Center area that enhances the area as a primary business district in the City.” (page 13)
  • “A greater continuity of activities along the streets is encouraged through the development of public parking in central locations….” (page 1)


  • “Ground floor retail and commercial uses should be considered the primary land use, particularly on Del Prado.” (page 43)
  • 1.6 “Promote professional business/office uses on the upper floors” (page 14)
  • Land Use Matrix for Town Center Mixed-Use District: “Dwelling Unit, Multifamily (P1) – Permitted or Conditionally Permitted above the street level only” (page 25)
  • “Require new development to comply with current parking regulations defined in the Dana Point Zoning Code”(page 54) Zoning Code chapter 9.75 reference (page 29)
  • “The minimum number of parking stalls by use, as detailed in the Dana Point Zoning Code applies within the Town Center”: (page 37)
  • 1.9 “Retail service, commercial and visitor service commercial uses are priority uses which shall be encouraged within the Town Center.” (page 13)


  • “Accessible and convenient public parking is essential to the health and vitality of the Town Center.” (page 18)
  • Map “Proposed parking facility(ies) would be located in this area.” (page 17)
  • GOAL: “Create an implement a parking program that ensures adequate and convenient parking is made available with the creation of centrally located public parking facilities.” (page 18)
  • “The City shall immediately take steps for a purchase option or long-term lease to acquire properties for additional public parking in Town Center.”(page 53)
  • 4.6 “Create additional public parking which would include one and preferably two facilities prior to beginning roadway construction.” (page 18)
  • 4.8 “Prevent excessive Town Center parking in adjacent residential areas.”(page 18)
  • In lieu fees should reflect the cost of constructing the parking area; city’s estimated cost at $40,000 per space (page 54)
  • Require that residential and guest parking provided on- site (page 54)


  • GOAL “Promote an economically viable downtown through uses that serves both residents and visitors.” (page 19)
  • 5.4 “Create a program to help retain existing businesses.” (page 19)
  • 5.5 “Prepare an Economic Development Strategy to strengthen the business climate, foster retail activity and improve the tax base in Town Center.” (page 19)


  • Maximum Height 40 feet; 3 stories (page 31)
  • Roof decks are only allowed within the inner portion of the Town Center couplet.(page 32)
  • Roof decks will not result in undue adverse impacts on ocean views from surrounding properties. (page 32)
  • “All new development and additions which result in additional building height shall be staked with story poles as part of the review process…” (page 33)
  • “All encroachments beyond the maximum building height shall be included in the staking.” (page 33)