5 Districts Chosen for the 2018 Election

Save Dana Point Flag pole photo by unsplash

It may remain a mystery how Dana Point got targeted with the CVRA threat just in time for the 2018 election and why its response time was shortened by 30 days. Most residents prefer current, at large voting, where they vote for all the council members instead of just one council member for their district. … Read more

Dana Point City Council to Discuss Budget

The graph shows how much of the city’s available cash has been spent since 2008 when there was approximately $55 million available. The budget shows that spendable cash is projected to be about $24 Million for FY 2018 ending June 30th 2018. If the budget and associated plan is approved as currently presented, it projects … Read more

Deficit Spending in Dana Point

Dana Point Has spent more in 8 out of the last 9 years. These annual deficits have reduced the total spendable funds that Dana Point has in cash and investments. The proposed 2018 and 2019 budgets have attempted to reduce over spending but still project deficits each year. A plan for 2020 to 2022 has … Read more

Settlement Reached in Dana Point Headlands Litigation

At the June 6th City Council meeting, it was announced that a settlement had been reached between the City of Dana Point and the Headland’s Reserve LLC. This lawsuit is a result of previous litigation with the California Coastal Commission. All this litigation eventually cost the city over $500,000 in legal fees and penalties. The … Read more

Premium Police Services Approved for Dana Point

by Mayor Debra Lewis As published in Dana Point Times Last week, two decisions positively impacted Dana Point policing. First, City Council approved a Notice of Completion for the nearly $1,000,000 police services renovation project approved in 2016 (Project). Now all members of our police force will start their shifts here in Dana Point rather … Read more

Dana Point Finance Review Committee is Established

Dana Point Finance Review Committee

ESTABLISHMENT OF FINANCE REVIEW COMMITTEE PROTECTING DANA POINT’S FINANCIAL FUTURE Recently, the City Council established an independent Finance Review Committee.  The city’s financial reporting is very complex often comprising hundreds of pages, as the picture shows. The Council should welcome and encourage input from the Committee.  More information will enable the Council to make the … Read more

Doheny Village Plan, Form-Based Codes and Expectations

Dana Point Paul Wyatt

When asked recently by the Dana Point Times to list my priorities as a new member of the City Council, I put “building trust between the City and its residents and businesses” at the top of the list. Building trust requires open, honest communication and realistic expectations. In the first Council’s Corner, Mayor Lewis wrote, … Read more