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Save Dana Point’s mission is to encourage resident participation in the critical issues facing Dana Point.

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It is important for Dana Point residents to stay informed about the many urgent issues that the City Council or the Planning Commission will need to address in upcoming meetings. These are the major concerns:

  • The 2018 Election of Three Council Members
  • City finances: revenue, expenditures, ongoing litigation costs
  • Planning Commission: new major developments, parking issues
  • Police services: priorities, costs, neighborhood patrols
  • Doheny Village project
  • Community communications to improve transparency: plans, actions, results

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Latest News

California Coastal Commission Approves Dana Point Measure H

The California Coastal Commission (CCC) approved the 2008 Town Center Plan (TCP) nine years ago. The TCP is a product of over 30 community meetings and considerable input from Dana Point residents. So when the city council overrode the Planning … Read more

A Tipping Point in Dana Point Politics

Dana Point voters’ approval of Measure H over Measure I (by a huge 18% margin) is a watershed moment in recent city politics. The significance of this vote reaches beyond the town center plan. It is a loud “no confidence” … Read more

Dana Point Paul Wyatt

Dana Point Town Center Parking Need is Urgent

By Paul N. Wyatt, Dana Point Adequate parking within the Town Center is critical for successful revitalization of this area of Dana Point. The 2008 Town Center Plan calls for a minimum of one and preferably two public parking facilities … Read more

Dana Point Finance Review Committee

Dana Point City Staff Proposes Budget Cuts

In the bi-annual budget review process, the Dana Point City Council recently asked the city staff to scrub the budget for potential cost cutting opportunities. Given several years of deficit spending, budget discipline is required to stabilize the future prospects for … Read more

Town Center Initiative Scheduled for June 7th Election

Thanks to the Initiative effort, Dana Point residents will have the chance they deserve to vote on how they want to see the Town Center developed. The Initiative: Promotes a downtown business district with shops, restaurants and convenient parking needed … Read more

Dana Point Town Center Expenditures to Date

USE OF FUNDS – CITY OF DANA POINT Cost Pacific Coast Highway Changes (2013-15) $  8,717,000 Del Prado Changes (2015-16) 7,700,000 Other town Center Streetscape (2011-15) 8,637,000 Eastern Entry Feature (2013) 1,000,000 Roma Design Planning Consulting (2004-10) 567,000 Nelson Nygaard & … Read more

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