Town Center Initiative Scheduled for June 7th Election

Thanks to the Initiative effort, Dana Point residents will have the chance they deserve to vote on how they want to see the Town Center developed. The Initiative:

  • Promotes a downtown business district with shops, restaurants and convenient parking needed for their success, per the 2008 Town Center Plan
  • Preserves Dana Point’s village atmosphere and quality of living for all residents
  • Prevents Town Center becoming primarily an apartment/condo residential district
  • Forces developers to provide adequate parking for their projects and not transfer the burden to Dana Point taxpayers or neighborhoods
  • Reinforces the 3 floor and 40 foot height requirements for new developments
  • Makes the city accountable to residents rather than developers and other special interests
  • Provides a fair, consistent and responsible plan for development with voter approval required for changes
  • Requires that residents be given details of new projects before approval

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