Homelessness in Dana Point


  • Per 2017 community survey, 78% say it is extremely or very serious problem
  • Dana Point Homeless Population:  2015 – 35, 2017 – 64 (almost doubled)
  • A problem deferred is a crisis created
  • Family Assistance Ministries (FAM) and Mercy House (both contracted with DP) have had some limited success with Rapid Rehousing (newly homeless), permanent supportive housing (chronically homeless) and Homeward Bound (reconnecting with family members – esp with “curbed” rehab patients), but upward trend in # of homeless continues.
  • Nuisances (public urination or worse, crazy behavior, crime, panhandling, and even a recent fire are upsetting residents). 2 attempted robberies, an attempted murder and burglary/sexual assault by naked man are more serious recent crimes.
  • Homeless Task Force Meetings started in 10/14 but little happened until 9/17 when Wyatt came on board and established Draft Work Plan and asked city to approve full time care worker. Monthly meetings now suspended.
  • Plan calls for monthly data on # of homeless, contacts with workers, # housed, # connected to services, etc.
  • No minutes published on line since 11/27/17.  No sign of monthly reports as specified
  • DP has hired workers to engage homeless but has no plan for getting them into rapid rehousing or permanent supportive housing.
  • South County cities are working with Judge Carter on a plan.  County funds should be available but no signs of proactive attempt to access funds and build emergency shelters and housing.
  • New ordinance addressing loitering, public drunkenness etc. may or may not be effective
  • Known drunkard ordinance is a good one – penalties on those who sell alcohol to certain named individuals
  • Case worker contact is good but it is not clear if we are gaining ground on the issue.  No data.
  • City sent letter to Welcome Inn asking them to stop the feed.  Ignored so far.
  • Public Works is very good about busting encampments and trying to prevent fires.



  • Small bottle ordinance
  • Public outreach re: panhandling/donations to charities instead
  • Need monthly data and measureable goals – accountability to Council
  • Need funding for rapid rehousing and permanent supportive housing – county or state grants?
  • Need to work with other cities and county on regional solutions- ACCOC + resorts, businesses
  • Need real progress, measurable results and forward momentum
  • Need to keep working on Welcome Inn sponsors and board to shut down daily feed
  • Work on city-wide beautification and litter removal.  A cleaner city is less of a welcome mat to nuisance behavior.


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