Without the Financial Review Committee, Residents Must Continue to Question City Finances and Demand Action

At the March 6, 2018 city council meeting, Councilmen Muller, Viczorek and Tomlinson continued to shut down the Financial Review Committee (FRC). Last month they passed Councilman Tomlinson’s resolution in a 3-2 vote, stopping the work of the FRC and dismissing its five members.

The action of Mayor Viczorek and Councilmen Muller and Tomlinson was irresponsible and did not serve the best interests of the city or Dana Point residents. The FRC members, with extensive financial expertise, donated a year of their time for free, studying city financials and making recommendations which could save Dana Point millions of dollars each year rather than see needed city funds wasted. Their work deserved to be commended not shut down.

With the demise of a “watchdog” FRC, Dana Point residents must continue to ask questions and demand action regarding the city’s critical financial shortcomings:

  • The city’s costs are out pacing the city’s expected revenue.
  • City spending has exceeded revenue in eight out of the last nine years, all nine if the sale of city parkland is excluded.
  • The city only recoups 36% of the cost of city services according to a recent consultant hired by the city.

The public deserves a city government that is managed responsibly with city council members who strive to represent the residents they serve, not special interests.

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