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It is important for Dana Point residents to stay informed about the many urgent issues that the City Council or the Planning Commission will need to address. These are the major concerns:

  • The 2018 Election of Three Council Members
  • City finances: revenue, expenditures, ongoing litigation costs
  • Homelessness
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Sober Living Homes
  • Police services: priorities, costs, neighborhood patrols
  • Doheny Village project

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Latest News

Dana Point’s $7 Million Budget Fiasco

The city’s budgets need to be much more accurate as a basis for sound financial management of the City. Otherwise, the City Council cannot make informed decisions. For effective management, actual results vs the budget should be continuously reported throughout … Read more

Without the Financial Review Committee, Residents Must Continue to Question City Finances and Demand Action

At the March 6, 2018 city council meeting, Councilmen Muller, Viczorek and Tomlinson continued to shut down the Financial Review Committee (FRC). Last month they passed Councilman Tomlinson’s resolution in a 3-2 vote, stopping the work of the FRC and … Read more

City to Update User Fees After Years of Neglect Costs Millions

At the May 16, 2018 City Council meeting, the Council finally considered proposed changes to the city’s user fees that have been neglected for over 19 years. In 2015, the city’s consultant reported that taxpayers were basically subsidizing over 64% … Read more

City Finances: Stop Out of Control Spending

Current Councilmen Muller, Viczorek, and Tomlinson and past Councilman Schoeffel neglected the city’s out of control spending. They failed to provide oversight of the city’s finances, one of their primary responsibilities as councilmen. The city’s spending exceeded the city’s income … Read more

Homelessness in Dana Point

ISSUES: Per 2017 community survey, 78% say it is extremely or very serious problem Dana Point Homeless Population:  2015 – 35, 2017 – 64 (almost doubled) A problem deferred is a crisis created Family Assistance Ministries (FAM) and Mercy House … Read more

Dana Point Short Term Rental Policy

PROVISIONS OF THE SHORT TERM ORDINANCE PASSED ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 Passed by Tomlinson, Olvera and Schoeffel with Viczorek and Muller opposed Cedes authority to the California Coastal Commission throughout Dana Point, not just in the coastal zone Two day … Read more

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