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Save Dana Point’s mission is to encourage resident participation in the critical issues facing Dana Point.

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It is important for Dana Point residents to stay informed about the many urgent issues that the City Council or the Planning Commission will need to address in upcoming meetings. These are the major concerns:

  • The 2018 Election of Three Council Members
  • City finances: revenue, expenditures, ongoing litigation costs
  • Planning Commission: new major developments, parking issues
  • Police services: priorities, costs, neighborhood patrols
  • Doheny Village project
  • Community communications to improve transparency: plans, actions, results

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Map of Dana Point Voting Districts map tan vi

Check to See if You Can Vote for City Council in 2018

Please check the districts in the Tan VI map shown. If you are in District 4 or District 5 you CANNOT vote for any city council candidate in the 2018 election and if you are in District 1, 2 or … Read more

Dana Point Districting Timeline - DanaPointer.com

Could Districting Have Been Delayed Until 2020? Dana Point Was Poorly Served

In February, Dana Point was targeted for districting under the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA). Since then the city rushed to comply and facilitate districting for the 2018 election, significantly reducing the voting rights of Dana Point citizens. Meanwhile the … Read more

Dana Point Sheriff photo

Dana Point Joins 12 Orange County Cities to Address Police Service Costs

Dana Point joined a 13 City task force to address the rising cost of police services provided by contract with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. These costs are putting many cities under financial hardship. Dana Point’s police service costs are … Read more

Save Dana Point Flag pole photo by unsplash

5 Districts Chosen for the 2018 Election

It may remain a mystery how Dana Point got targeted with the CVRA threat just in time for the 2018 election and why its response time was shortened by 30 days. Most residents prefer current, at large voting, where they … Read more

Dana Point City Council to Discuss Budget

The graph shows how much of the city’s available cash has been spent since 2008 when there was approximately $55 million available. The budget shows that spendable cash is projected to be about $24 Million for FY 2018 ending June … Read more

Deficit Spending in Dana Point

Dana Point Has spent more in 8 out of the last 9 years. These annual deficits have reduced the total spendable funds that Dana Point has in cash and investments. The proposed 2018 and 2019 budgets have attempted to reduce … Read more

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