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It is important for Dana Point residents to stay informed about the many urgent issues that the City Council or the Planning Commission will need to address. These are the major concerns:

  • The 2018 Election of Three Council Members
  • City finances: revenue, expenditures, ongoing litigation costs
  • Homelessness
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Sober Living Homes
  • Police services: priorities, costs, neighborhood patrols
  • Doheny Village project

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Latest News

The Short Term Rental Controversy

In 2016, a short term rental policy passed by the City Council was rescinded after a successful city-wide Referendum. The success of the Referendum was due to the fact that most Dana Point residents were unaware of its passage and … Read more

Four More Years of Obstruction

Councilmen Muller, Viczorek and Tomlinson, the city council’s voting majority, have continuously obstructed efforts to respond to the critical issues facing Dana Point residents and to address the financial shortcomings of the city. Despite the election of Debra Lewis and … Read more

Districting: How Dana Point Lost Their Voting Rights

THE CALIFORNIA VOTING RIGHTS ACT (CVRA) In February 2017, Dana Point received a CVRA letter demanding that the city create voting districts to promote minority voting in the election of the city council. As a result, the city ignored residents … Read more

5 Worst Dana Point City Council Actions Ever

1. DISTRICTING: Residents were ignored and districting was rushed by Councilmen Muller, Viczorek and Tomlinson to create five districts where voters can only elect one council member from their district every four years in 2018 and in all future elections. … Read more

Residents Support Three City Council Candidates

JOE JAEGER announced his candidacy for city council in District 1. He is extremely qualified with a 37-year career in corporate finance and anxious to tackle the issues that most concern residents throughout the city. Information about his “residents first” … Read more

Map of Dana Point Voting Districts map tan vi

Check to See if You Can Vote for City Council in 2018

Please check the districts in the Tan VI map shown. If you are in District 4 or District 5 you CANNOT vote for any city council candidate in the 2018 election and if you are in District 1, 2 or … Read more

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