California Coastal Commission Approves Dana Point Measure H

The California Coastal Commission (CCC) approved the 2008 Town Center Plan (TCP) nine years ago. The TCP is a product of over 30 community meetings and considerable input from Dana Point residents. So when the city council overrode the Planning Commission’s denial of the Majestic project in Town Center in October, 2014 that did not meet significant requirements of the TCP, supporters of the TCP decided to write a ballot measure (Measure H). In June 2015, voters overwhelming passed Measure H by 59%.

Measure H reinstates the Town Center Plan (TCP) along with amendments to close loopholes and concessions contained in the approval of the Majestic project. Because the city council did not follow the 2008 TCP and forced voters to amend the TCP, the amended TCP had to go back to the California Coastal Commission for approval.

The city asked the California Coastal Commission to approve Measure H on an expedited basis. The Commission found that Measure H’s amendments to the TCP do NOT change the TCP that was already approved by the CCC, and Measure H is consistent with CCC policies. It declared that Measure H is de minimis, meaning that Measure H would have no impact on coastal resources, and that Measure H is consistent with CCC policies and was unanimously approved by the CCC.

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